Organizing your Time:

Use a planner to allot time for the things you have to do and the things you enjoy.

  1. Record date and times of appointments and social activities.
  2. Maintain a grocery / shopping list and schedule time for shopping and errands.
  3. Maintain a list of household chores and projects and arrange time to complete them.
  4. Schedule time to be with persons who are important to you; coffee with a friend, playtime with your children, or a night out with that special someone.
  5. Schedule time to do things you enjoy, such as reading, exercising, volunteering, gardening, or traveling.

Organizing your Home:

  1. Assign each item a consistent home and keep items in their designated place.
  2. Store like items together, such as, hobbies, photos, seasonal items, supplies, or tools.
  3. Place the items needed to complete a task in close proximity to each other.
  4. Make good vertical use of storage space by adding shelves, hooks, or containers.
  5. Practice a two-minute pickup every time you leave a room.

Organizing your Office:

  1. Set up “working” file folders rather than allow paperwork to pile up on your desk.
  2. Keep your workspace clear except for items you use daily.
  3. Make a decision on every piece of paperwork to maintain a tidy workspace.
  4. Write all tasks in a planner and arrange tasks to maximize the use of your time.
  5. Practice a two-minute pickup when you leave your desk for a meeting or lunch.

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