Organized Interior Services:

Residential Organization:

• home organizing
• kitchen and bath organizing
• closet organizing
• clutter control
• space organizing
• home office / small business organizing
• paper and file management
• garage and storage solutions
• home staging for resale
• errands / personal shopping
• routine maintenance programs

Office Organization:

• small business turnkey services
• paper and file management
• space definition/reorientation
• preparing for clients
• office supplies storage
• repurposing work and storage space
• move in/move out
• downsizing, upsizing, rightsizing
• routine maintenance programs

Organized Interiors' most unique and immediate make-over service is called “Lickety Split”. This service assists you when guests are coming and you want to make your home visually appealing or "Company Straight." With everything in order, you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself and your guests!

Are you out of space and overwhelmed?

Are all of your life-simplifying gadgets more of a burden than an aid? If so, Organized Interiors is the boost you need to bring order to your home or office. Dena Doerfler, founder of Organized Interiors, works one-on-one with clients, assessing individual needs and exploring problem areas. She assists in making decisions that free you from unnecessary stress and chaos. The result is a functional and beautiful space where you can effectively work and live.

Whether your feeling of disorganization is recent or long term, Dena can help you restore order. No longer will you waste time looking for items or struggle putting things away. Working side-by-side, she will help you sort through your belongings and papers, identify which items are most important, and establish an effective location for each one. You will have more time and energy for the things you value.

Getting organized will help you live life to the fullest!

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